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Get 4 liters for the price of 3

Get 4 gallons for the price of 3

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Complete Mineral Nutrition 

Since 2001, OceanGrown Inc. (OGI) has pioneered the science of sea-energy agriculture and the process of mineralization. OGI delivers innovative solutions to customers across the globe, optimizing nutrition for higher quality crop and livestock production. By harnessing the power of nature, OGI helps customers overcome the challenges facing them in today's economy.  

100% pure, clean, 3x concentrated deep Ocean water
                                                                  *PURE product
Because just "Organic" is not enough.

Scientists say that life is from Oceans , and because of that, OceanGrown Canada provides the best Pure Solution of Oceanic Water directly from the deep, where the perfect balanced solution is.
Using Ocean-Grown for your coltures, you'll give the right support to your plants.
Rebalancing the coltures, ensuring their nourishment with the elements necessary for their maximum development; it reflexively helps your body as well.
You won't miss the opportunity to feel yourself full of energy without using chemicals!


Go Organic 

OceanGrown manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production.


Greater Yield

When a plant's genetic potential is optimized output will be at its greatest.


Fast Absorption

Ionic solutions allow for instant nutrient uptake via roots or foliage. Nutrients can move up to 10x faster via the foliage then roots.


Disease and Pest Resistance

Given the right nutrition, a plant's immune system becomes more effective at adapting to increased pest and weather pressure.


Direct from the Manufacturer

We offer steep discounts for bulk purchases.


N-P-K Cost Savings

Crops require less macro-nutrients when there is a solid mineral foundation.